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brick-making unit

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For your information it is expected funding from a budget of nearly fifty thousand euro (€50,000) paid by letter of credit under (sixty days) 60 days. The payment procedure will be triggered for receipt of proforma invoice:

1 °) I would like to know how is package the unit's brick factory and cobblestones is under shelter (container) and transportable on truck weight so that I could move in different sites where careers. (
2 °) to a nomadic production probably requires a truck provided I remain your proposal
3 °) I wish to equip in this same container a removable demonstration House knowing that you are providing me just frames. This will allow me to open doors (OPEN HOME) for my customers and partners.
4 °) manufactures bricks and pavers unit works with what energy and is - it autonomous? (requires a generator or other energy)
5 °) I wished to know the status, modality and delivery time (origin) mounting and setting up for the verification to the functioning test are - they understood and provided by your services?
6 °) what are the recommended safeguards.
Remaining at your disposal I you present my sincere consideration.

Type of ad : Buying leed

Ad reference : PSL395241YH

Advertiser reference: REF-178919

Price: 50000

Currency : EUR

Incoterm: FOB

Purchase quantity: 1

Offer Information: I need it for my production unit

Category: Machines for building and construction

Keywords : industrial production | bricks | production unit